Enjoy Playing the Lottery With Icelotto

You can play lotto online simply and quickly with Icelotto. The main aim of Icelotto is to allow you to play from any place in the globe. You just need to select your lottery, and Icelotto shall purchase the tickets on your behalf. Also, you have no restrictions to only playing local online lotto games; instead, you can play internationally.


Icelotto is unique as they will buy lotto tickets for you, regardless of your location in the world. Therefore, you can be a US or Germany resident and still purchase lottery tickets from Spain. If you wish to turn into a lotto millionaire, this is the appropriate place.

The year 2013 produced 12,258 millionaires!

Great Features of Icelotto

Immediately you register with Icelotto, a live chat assistant will be available who is very amiable. The assistant handles everything and provides answers to any queries you might have. The individual will also offer exclusive bonus deals to you and promos which are not directly available on the website.

Their work is to ensure you win. However, if you want additional information, you can utilize the phone or email to get in touch with Icelotto staff. Therefore, the customer support structure almost ranks top because of their useful service in each aspect.

At Icelotto, you can buy numerous online lotto games. Some of the famous ones are:

  • PowerBall (USA)
  • EuroMillions (EU)
  • SuperEnalotto (Italy)
  • La Primitiva (Spain)
  • MegaMillions (USA)
  • EuroJackpot (EU)
  • ElGordo (Spain)
  • NewYorkLotto (USA)
  • BonoLoto (Spain)
  • Lotto649 (Canada)
  • UK Lotto (UK)

Icelotto gives new players a 100% welcome bonus of up to €25. If you do not consider this to be enough, get in touch with your live chat assistant to obtain some special offers. You can receive a 50% discount on the VIP promo deal on specific online lotto tickets. Therefore, they might be useful. Also, you can utilize the exclusive Loyalty programs to win big.

One advantage of Icelotto is that players from every area of the globe can register with the site. Due to this, you can play the online lotto games you like using any currency of your choice. Currencies are changed into Euros automatically.

There is a variety of depositing techniques to transfer cash with, which is another Icelotto plus. You can use several languages to play this online lotto site such as French, English, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, and German. Icelotto is a leading online lotto site which gives vital services to present players.

Modern and Simple Web

IceLotto.com has a dull color design; however, the website gives a pleasant impression. Blue and white hues dominate. You will come across an illustrated video on the central page. This video explains humorously why it is better for you to purchase a ticket via the internet instead of in person at a betting office.

The words which should direct you are select, play, view and win. This site consists of plenty of data, but its arrangement is excellent. Another fascinating feature is IceLotto.com citations from users who have purchased a ticket already.

You can create the website in German, English, Russian and French. You can also share IceLotto with your buddies on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube.com.

Quick Registration

Registering on IceLotto.com is fast and straightforward. You do not require submitting any extra or unnecessary information. But, you should give two telephone contacts. If you write the same telephone number, the registration will still be validated.

As soon as you submit your first lotto, one of IceLotto employees will get in touch with you via phone and give you advice on other methods of playing. You should submit correct personal data to IceLotto when you are registering.

They compile your data and reserve the processing rights for third parties for advertising purposes, for instance, sending promotional materials. They track your account background for their internal use so they can enhance their customer service.

When registering you should verify that you are more than 18. Because of the confirmation of the users’ private data, IceLotto endeavors to prevent young children from utilizing their services.

You can purchase a ticket fast and efficiently with Icelotto

After registration, you shall obtain a free ticket. When you create your account on IceLotto, you get an email requesting you to confirm the account’s activation. Because of this, you have the chance to play PowerBall without charge!

The ticket appears instantly on your account in the part ‘my tickets.’ You can understand your account quickly as it is clear and buying tickets is not difficult as well. You choose a specific game, select your digits and pay using a credit card. It is nice to note that you can purchase one ticket instead of having to buy many tickets.

Icelotto Safety

The IceLotto website’s high-security rate is commendable. They utilize the optimal standard of security, that is, GeoTrust EV SSL. Also, sites such as Webutations.info.com, Trustpilot.co.uk, and Savwweb.norton.com regard IceLotto.com as a safe site that will not place you in danger.

Support Options

If you have a query, you can send an email to support@icelotto.com. The reply may take around three hours. When you use live chat, you obtain a response to your query in seconds. Live chat is a lot quicker compared to email communication. You can use the phone to communicate from France and Great Britain. You can even fax them.


The IceLotto fan page begun towards the end of 2011 and has around 2,000 guests. This website is active, and fans contribute here also. Other than the fan page, there is an application known as IceLotto App which you can use to request a betting ticket also.

Icelotto official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ice.lotto.page/

Alexa Rating

According to the 2014 Alexa.com evaluation, IceLotto.com experienced a rise in fame when compared to other sites. Canadians mainly visit the website. Most male visitors are the ones who have cleared their school education. IceLotto is praiseworthy, where support and ticket costs are concerned. You can navigate around the site quickly.

Icelotto Benefits

  • You can move around the website quickly.
  • Quick live chat.
  • Contemporary website design.
  • The price of tickets is fair.
  • Brilliant security guarantee.