Greece Powerball Lottery: All About the Greece Joker (Tzoker)

If you have heard of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, then you know something about Greece. Referred to as the Cradle of Civilization, this country is the birth place of Western literature, democracy, political science, and mathematics. In addition to all the above, it is also home to a number of lottery games which play a major part in the socio-economic development of the country. Among these lottery games are the Greece Lotto 6/49 and the Greece Joker.

Also known as the Greek Tzoker or Greece Powerball, this lottery is one of the lotteries operated by OPAP which is the organization in charge of lottery games in the country. This lottery game was launched in November 1997 after the Greek Lotto 6/49. Over the course of time, the Joker Lotto has made hundreds of people millionaires while still paying a major part in the socio-economic development of the country through the charitable and generous donations which they make to support causes such as health, education, sports and social welfare. Because of the fun-filled nature of the game coupled with the chance to make millions with just a single play, the Tzoker Lotto has grown to be a favorite among the citizens of the country.

Playing the Greek Joker

The Greek Joker Lotto follows the 5/45+1/20 matrix. According to this matrix, players are expected to choose five numbers from a number field of 45 numbers and an additional number from second field of 20 numbers. Players can choose to use any one of the following ways of play the Tzoker Lotto:

  • Single Column Method

With this method, players simply need to choose five numbers from the first field of 45 numbers and an additional number known as the “Tzoker” from the second field of 20 numbers. The cost per column costs €0.50.

  • Full Development Method

Alternatively, the Greece Powerball Lotto gives players the chance to play the game via Full Development Systems. To play via this method, players are expected to choose more than five numbers from the first 45-number field. Players can also choose to select more than Joker number in the 20-number field. The more the numbers a player chooses, the more the columns he has and with this increase in the number of columns comes an increase in the odds of winning. For example, selecting 7 main numbers instead of 5, the number of columns created are increased to 21. When the player choses 8 numbers, the number of created columns increases to 56. Choosing 10 main numbers again increases the number of created columns to 252.

The same holds true for a player who decides to increase the amount of Joker numbers which he/she is expected to play. Playing 10 Joker numbers means the creation of 10 columns. If a player plays all 20 Joker numbers, the number of created columns increases to 20.

  • Combination Play

Players can choose to combine more than five numbers in the 45-number section with more than one number in the 20-number field. With this, the terminal produces multiple combinations of the numbers chosen which are then entered into the draw. This greatly increases the chances of winning.

Other methods of play include the standard systems method which allows players to use less columns and a smaller cost to participate in the game. Playing via System Play gives the player a chance to play by selecting from 7 to 15 numbers. However, the more the numbers chosen, the higher the ticket price and the higher the chances of winning. Players can also choose to play as a group. Playing as a group allows each player of the group to submit his/her play slip with a multiplayer entry which may by all other members of the group (25 maximum).

Another feature is the Lucky Dip feature which allows the terminal to randomly select numbers for the player who wishes to use the feature. To play this option, players simply need to check the “Lucky Dip” box while leaving all digits in the matrix area unmarked. Once the slip is introduced to the system, the system automatically generates a single column consisting of 5/45+1/20 numbers. There are also different means of playing using the Lucky Dip.

Lastly, there is the Consecutive draw feature which allows players to participate in up to 94 consecutive draws by selecting numbers for the corresponding number of fields. Once the Consecutive Draw feature is played, it applies to all areas of the play slip including the PROTO game if the player wishes to participate in the game too.

Greece Powerball – Playing Online

The Greek Joker can be played from any part of the world through any trusted online lottery service provider. These online lottery service providers have local representatives in Greece who go and purchase lottery tickets for their clients from a local lottery retailer once the client makes his/her online payment.

Greece Powerball Winnings and Prizes

Draws for the Tzoker Lotto take place twice a week precisely on Thursdays and Sundays. During the draws, six numbers are drawn from two different pools – five from the pool containing 45 balls and then, 1 ball (the Joker – Tzoker) from the pool of 20. The jackpot is won by matching all five main balls plus the Joker. The odds of winning the jackpot prize stand at 1 in about 24.4 million. When the Greek Joker jackpot is not won, it is rolled over to the next draw. This makes it possible for jackpots to sometimes exceed €19 million even with the guaranteed minimum jackpot amount of €300,000.

The second prize tier is won by matching all five main numbers without hitting the Joker. The price of doing so stands at 1 in 1.286 million. Prizes also exist for hitting one to four main numbers plus the Joker as well as for hitting three or four main numbers without the Joker. The odds of winning any prize in the Greek Joker Lotto stand at 1 in 53. Apart from the jackpot and second-tier prizes, all other six prize-tiers have fixed prize amounts. The last prize which is won by matching 1 main number plus the Joker is €1.5. The next smallest prize is €2 which is the prize for matching three main numbers or two main numbers plus the Joker. The prize for matching 4 main numbers and three main numbers plus the Joker is the same – €50 while the prize for matching four main numbers plus the Joker is €2,500.

It should be noted that all prizes of the Greek Joker / Greece Powerball are taxed with prizes in excess of €500 subject to a 20% income tax. Also, all prizes are paid out in cash lump sums and must be claimed and collected within three months of the winning draw.