Unique Features of Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto Specifics 

The Irish Lotto game optimizes the Irish luck, since players are able to win big pots of gold. They do this just by selecting lucky numbers and then they wait for them to be picked. It is difficult to believe that Irish Lotto began just as simply a game of scratchcard in 1987. This is because it grew to become among the most famous lotto games in Ireland and Britain. 

Over the years, Irish Lotto owners have changed hands; however, it goes on increasing withdrawals every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. An approximated two million individuals is believed to play Irish Lotto every week. 

If you get each of those digits right, a jackpot of $2,000,000 is guaranteed; however, it might rise higher, since a record victory is on record for just slightly less than €19,000,000. 

Playing Irish Lotto

It is very easy to play Irish Lotto. The lottery is perhaps the fastest and simplest manner of earning a fortune and Irish Lotto may present your answer to attaining this. The game’s regulations are simple; to become eligible for the draw, players shall need to select an overall of 6 digits from 1-45. 

Each of the six digits needs to be matched so as to win the highest jackpot prize, even though more can be won if you do not attain the maximum prize. 

Irish Lotto tickets can be purchased online separately; alternatively, you can join a syndicate with your family and friends to play, raising your winning chances. 

Irish Lotto profits are always utilized positively, since profits go to charities as well as other useful causes to assist in backing projects in the society and further afield.  

As the Irish Lotto started in 1987, nearly €4.4 billion has been collected to finance numerous projects and causes all through the country. Even if you are not a jackpot winner, your cash shall assist to support the huger good. 

Bonus numbers are present in Irish Lotto as well, which shall raise your prospects of winning significantly, if you locate the accurate digit on your ticket. With this bonus number, players are able to win thousands of pounds or euros; this is determined by where you are playing. 

The Irish Lotto draw occurs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The deadline for purchasing tickets is 7.45pm, since the draw happens at 8pm. Its broadcast takes place on Irish television; however, players from Britain can remain updated on the outcomes through the website as well as other online sources.

Payouts for Irish Lotto

The highest prize in Irish Lotto is always more than €2,000,000 which is incase there is no rollover. The following top prize is around €2,000,000 in the event that players are able to match five digits and the bonus.  

After that, payouts can be different, matching five digits that will win 3.22% of the jackpot. You shall become winner so long as you are able to match a minimum of three numbers! 

Irish Lotto Syndicate

One of the most ideal methods of optimizing your winning prospects on Irish Lotto is after you join Irish Lotto Syndicate. Every week, you obtain 40 chances to become a winner of the Irish Lotto. This means 20 tickets in each draw.  

Jackpots for Irish Lotto begin at €2 million and is capable of rolling into multiple millions. Jackpots can increase even to around €18.9 millions. Each year, €225 is paid out in prizes.

How it Operates

Irish Lotto Syndicate offers you 20 winning chances in each draw. Two draws are available each week, providing 40 winning chances each week.

The syndicate has 55 shares and any prize cash is equally split between every share. Keep in mind that the more shares you purchase the more winning chances you have.

How much does it cost to play?

The number of shares you opt to purchase and the length of time you play determine the precise cost of your syndicate shares. Remember that you retain all that you win. 

Is it necessary to visit the bookmakers so as to play? 

It is not necessary for you to go to the bookmakers so as to play Irish Lottery. You can select your digits and play online. The Lottery differs from Irish Lotto Bet, also referred to as 49s or Lucky Numbers. This is a game that is based on Irish National Lottery outcome. You play it by placing bets at places, such as Betfred. 

In order to play this version, you need to submit a minimum bet of 50p on a ticket for every draw. Three draws are available, each Wednesday and Saturday (the main, second and third). 

You can place bets between one to five digits in the draw for six number or seven number. In case these numbers emerge in the Irish Lottery, you become winner of a prize.  

However, remember that you are just betting on outcomes of Irish Lottery; it does not mean you are playing the certified game. In addition, bets and payouts might differ; the bookmaker determines this. 

Playing Irish Lotto outside Ireland 

There are a lot of varied play options present, where Irish Lotto is concerned. For players who do not reside in Ireland, it is possible to buy tickets online via online operators who provide numerous varied methods to play.  

You can buy the regular one-time entry; alternatively, you can begin a subscription. This shall enable you to join each subsequent draw up to the time you cancel. Additionally, you can join a syndicate or play using a bundle to greatly enhance your odds and pay only part of the cost!


Irish Lotto is among the most ideal lotteries to play, since its draw occurs two times each week and at all times there are some huge prizes available.  

This is because the number of rollovers has no restriction.  Irish Lotto offers you a wonderful opportunity to be a winner of a prize in this lottery. 

Also, as the profits go to good causes, this presents a motivation to obtain your tickets and become a winner!