Why Lottario is a Great Lottery to Play

Lottario presents a lottery from Canada, from Ontario province. Enthusiasts are drawn to the modest uncapped jackpots as well as prizes that are exempt from tax. The initial lotto draw of Lottario [https://www.lottario.net/] occurred on 18th November 1978.

Today, one winner who won $3,600,000 million attained the hugest jackpot. The leading jackpot begins at $250,000.

It increases until there is a lotto winner. You have two chances for winning with $1 since every $1 play has two sets of six digits within the range of 1-45.

Two draws are presented for each ticket:

  • Main draw
  • Draw of Early Bird

One should purchase a ticket to play before Friday at 11.59 pm (Eastern Time) to become eligible for playing Draw of Early Bird.


When you are a winner of Early bird, you obtain $50,000; this lottery’s draw occurs each Saturday. It is possible for you to play even 26 draws beforehand with ENCORE; however, keep in mind that the lottery is just present in Ontario.

Playing Ontario Lottario

Lottario begins at a $250,000 minimum jackpot and it is a requirement for Lottario players to select six digits from a range of 1-45 digits to win the leading prize.

Additionally, a bonus digit is drawn also and included in just the prize for 2nd place. Players are able to choose to complete line forms for lines of 6 or 10. You can play even 10 draws beforehand and draws occur each Saturday. Tickets for Lottario are sold up to 10.30 in the evening (ET) on the night of the draw. Tickets can be purchased online through websites such as TheLotter learn more here.

Methods of Playing Lottario

It is possible for you to play this lottery using three methods:

Quick Pick

The simplest method of playing is Quick Pick. Just request for Quick Pick from your lottery trader or examine the Selection Slip for Lottario in the box for Quick Pick. Two groups of figures (1-45) will be randomly chosen by lottery terminal on your behalf.

Select your own Digits

Mark six digits on a Selection Slip of Lottario from 1-45 on boards of even 10; the cost of every board is $1.

  • Mark how many plays for ENCORE you want to include in the box for ENCORE play segment, so as to play ENCORE. Every play for ENCORE costs $1. For each draw, you can choose even 10 plays.
  • If you wish to play multiple draws beforehand mark how many draws you want in the selected region. You are able to play even 26 draws. This is in one row.
  • Submit your Selection Slip after filling it out, to the trader of lottery. Printing of your ticket shall then take place. You will obtain a ticket containing your digits together with another set of numbers that are randomly produced for every board that you play.
  • You can also play Combination play; here, you play many sets of digits in order for you to win many prizes. It is possible for you to play combinations of 5, 7, 8 and 9.

Combination Play

  • A ticket for Combination Play makes you a winner, similar to a standard selection. But, since you possess numerous selections, it is possible for you to win many prizes!
  • Number combination plays exist for 5, 7, 8 as well as 9.
  • Combination Plays bought before 12 midnight (ET) on Friday are eligible for the draw of Draw of Early Bird.
  • Draws take place each Saturday.
  • Sale of tickets occurs up to 9 in the evening (ET) on the night of the draw.
  • Mark the numbers you choose on the Selection Slip from 1-45 for your preferred Combination Play: 5,7,8 or 9 digits. These digits, together with another group of six numbers produced by the computer will instantly be organized in each possible six numbers set.
  • The retailer will provide one ticket to you, which will just indicate the figures you have selected. But, all prospective number combinations shall be documented in the main computer.
  • To win, match the drawn numbers to become a winner. Six digits and a single bonus digit are drawn.

Ontario Lottario Prizes which you can win

For the jackpot, number matches of 6/6 build up in case no winner is available; it might exceed the guaranteed minimum of $250,000. When a winner has a winning set of digits, this makes a winner qualify for a prize in the standard draw categories. Suitable tickets win the prize for Early Bird.

The Lottario prize pool is founded on pari-mutuel share. This share presents a computation where the whole amount of money set aside for one prize category are split between how many winners are present in the specific category.

At times, customers choose specific number combinations that are regularly compared to other number combinations; this might lead to a decreased prize share.

The combinations differ from one draw to another and vary according to the play patterns of customers. Claiming of Lottario prizes [https://www.lottario.net/prizes/] should be carried out 12 months within the date of the draw. Prizes that remain unclaimed from Sports & Instant Games and Ontario-Only Lotto are included in profits that are submitted to provincial state to help the individuals of Ontario.

Claiming the Prize after Ontario Lottario win

If you become winner of Ontario Lottario, it is possible for you to claim your prizes in the following ways:

Prizes that are less than $1000 are obtained from the store (lottery retailer).

If you are a winner of $1,000 (or higher):

  • You can submit a claim for a prize personally at a chosen Casino and OLG Slot.
  • You can personally, submit the claim Toronto Prize Center in Toronto (20 Dundas St. West).

Prizes of more than $250,000 should be personally claimed from Toronto Prize Center. Claiming a prize of $50 and more should be carried out from any OLG lottery trader. Making claims of prizes within the range of $50-$999.90 is done at exclusive OLG lottery traders. Enquire from your trailer to check whether they are able to pay this amount.

For claiming a $1,000 or higher, you should fill out a declaration form for Lottery Prize Claim. This is applicable to single as well as group play wins.

Each documentation for claiming prizes should be inclusive of the official first as well as last name of the claimant as indicated on the legal state issued identification, which will be provided with claim documentation. No fees or income taxes of any type needs to be submitted to authorities in Canada on Canada lottery winnings.