With UK49s, You Can Become Winner of £40,000 Two Times Each Day!

You might not become a millionaire with UK49s, but this lotto game is among the simplest to play. For even £1, or an equivalent of £1.29 players have the opportunity of winning £125 two times every day.

Playing of UK49s occurs each day at lunchtime and teatime. As soon as the lottery draw is finalized, you shall immediately obtain the UK49s results. With its website, you can find out whether you are a winner or not.

UK49 is a lotto draw that is different. Lately, it has become famous among lotto fans (online as well as offline). The most appealing UK49s feature is that you are in control.

This signifies that players can choose how much they wish to play. The way it is created differs from a lot of the lotteries present. This draw occurs in the United Kingdom and can currently be played online from any location in the globe, even by people who do not reside in the UK!


UK 49s Features

UK49s Lotto Ltd presents a lottery company based in London, UK. It runs 49’s draw, Irish Lotto Bet, Rapido and also virtual and greyhound. The organization was begun in 1996.

When to play UK49’s Lotto and how

Draw 1: This takes place at 12:49 (noon) and is referred to as lunchtime draw.
Draw 2: It is held at 17:49 pm and is called teatime draw.

In every draw, drawing of six digits and a single ‘booster ball’ takes place, from digits 1-49. It is possible to play this lottery via major betting offices. Another game known as 49s lotto raffle was launched; here, you can choose a color and 8 digits which match 12 digits in order for you to win £20,000.

It is now possible for you to play UK49s Online

Playing UK49s online is possible. This means that online players can try to become winners of the jackpot or other prizes. Two methods exist for playing: using direct debit or a loaded account.

UK49s Play Online uk49.net
UK49s Play Online uk49.net

When utilizing a loaded account to play, this involves money being debited in the player’s account and he/she uses them for playing. In the event that there is a winner, they are informed via email by the National Lottery. In such situations, the winnings are directly moved to their accounts.

When players use direct debit to play, this means they are able to register by issuing their bank account details. The digits are then entered automatically. Winners of National Lottery are notified via email.

How UK49s is different from Other Lotteries

For example, in a regular lotto draw such as US Powerball and Australian Oz Lotto, a set price is present for a ticket and the jackpot total presents a percentage of proceeds from the sale of tickets, which is pre-determined.

This does not apply to UK49’s; here, the odds are pre-determined for each possible result. If you are a player, you establish the quantity of cash you desire to bet on the result.

If you opt to bet $20 on the one ball that will appear in the results and it does, you win 6 times your stake or $120 provided in this example. This is very different from regular lotto draws and is very popular.

Players like assuming control. When people see very many lotto odds, this makes them believe that it is neither practical nor possible that they shall get any profits on the investments they have made. However, with UK49s, this varies completely.

If you doubt that you will match all the 5 digits, you should not be concerned about this. Simply choose many digits you believe will match!

These may range between 1-5. If you want extra control, after you establish how lucky you are feeling and how may UK49s lotto balls you want to play, you can determine the amount of money you wish to bet on this outcome being realized. Mainly, there are $50, $100 or sometimes $500 limits. Where you want to play determines this.

Quantity of UK49s Draws

Another factor that makes UK49’s lotto a lotto that is unique is that it takes place two times every day. You can play UK49’s in the morning as well as in the evening, if you are feeling lucky.

It is simple to comprehend why this is a popular feature, according to studies, most enthusiastic lotto players experience inadequacy of frequency of draws. For example, you obtain one draw every week when you play Oz Lotto.

The huge variation here is that UK49’s will have the same quantity of draws in one weekend as Oz Lotto will have in a single month!

Play UK49’s Form Anywhere, Even outside UK!

This lottery is tailored for online world. With Internet, an environment is created where clients acquire immediate satisfaction. The growth of a demanding lifestyle hugely matches the playing method of UK49’s. It comes as no surprise that this is why it is among the fastest growing draws present and the most popular lotto online.

How to Play Hotpicks for 49s

It is easy to play and become winner of hot picks for 49s. You first require knowing that every option is totaled from the previous draw. So, whether you live in other states other than the UK, you can be able to play lunchtime selections.

Lunchtime selections are totaled and presented at about 5pm,the day before the play. Teatime options are presented on the play day, around 1pm GMT. Since the totals for the selections take place on the previous draw, teatime selections cannot be provided earlier.

Each selection consists of four digits and each digit is an individual bet. So, all the four digits in the 49s hotpicks present 4 single bets. You just place each number as a single bet to be drawn regularly at odds of 6:5: or 1. The most ideal odds make these digits much more profitable.

Another regulation you can utilize for this system is that in the event that you lose bets 5 times consecutively, it is possible for you to start once more at number one in your staking strategy.

This signifies you can consider it a total loss and start from the beginning with your stake amount.

The occurrence of this this is rare; however, it happens!